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As of July 1, 2013 all trainers and assessor delivering accredited courses should have upgraded to TAE40110.

The National Skills and Standards Council has determined that from 1 July 2013: The price for an upgrade is 0.00 for all applicants with TAA40104 who can demonstrate currency (continued practice in the VET sector).

The qualification is detailed in the TAE10 Training and Education Training Package, which was released on the 12th May 2010.

It replaced the previous Training and Assessment Training Package (TAA04).

The TAELLN411 Unit is also available Australia-wide through pure Self-Paced Online Learning.

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TAE40110 is the new Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

There are up to 78 study hours for this unit, depending on your training experience and preferred delivery method.

Your 2-Month (for Online and Face-to-Face Workshops) or 3-Month (for Self-Paced Online Learning) course duration will begin on your unit commencement date.

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