Surykatki online dating

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The key to this is reading between the lines to get a clear understanding of the person.

Is he or she well-adjusted, reasonable, friendly- a person to whom you would be naturally attracted if you were to meet him or her in person without regard for movie tastes, books, and restaurants?

Don’t be deceived into believing that someone out there exactly suits your preferences.

People are very unreliable when reporting about themselves, and understanding this will save you a lot of trouble.

It’s best to meet people and confirm their claims before putting confidence into those claims.

Keep in mind that we humans are expert “self-justifiers” and only external events can really reveal negative traits. The only claims worth believing are age, education, location, and job.

What’s most important is the profile should be your focus.

If you can evaluate the profile tone (which may seem difficult), you may have a better chance of guessing what the person is like even without profile images or meeting him or her in person.

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