Single chritian dating

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If you value the information posted here, and the projects of these websites in general, you may like to consider making a donation to help reduce our production costs? Options include: paying via Pay Pal which this website uses - Ed 900-1100AD: Medieval warm interval with improved farming conditions.In America the towns of Chaco Canyon are built in this period. According to an article, 'Prehistory of Warfare', by Steven A. 1000AD: Otto III visits the Shrine of St Adalbert in Poland and the tomb of Charlemagne in Aachen.Result is, regional morale falls, 16 warring city-states arose in Yucatan, - then came the Spanish invasion of 1528.Meantime in the high west of Mexico arose Aztecs, in 750AD, with chaos after destruction of Teotihuacan by barbarian invaders, circa 750AD, are a warlike people, the Toltecs, who created a new empire in Mexican highlands with capital Tula.London, Little Brown, 2008.) 997AD: Hungary: The first steps towards consolidation are undertaken by King Stephen's father, Géza (972-997), the last Magyar prince, who called in feudal knights and missionaries from the west to help break the resistance of his people which was impending the spread of the new faith and checking the transformation taking place within the country.997-1030AD: Mohammed of Ghazni rules Afghan empire; he invades India 17 times. 997AD: Islam, Mahmud, of Ghazni, comes to the throne. (Item from Historians' History of the World, 1907., pp.

(It is not true that the Chinese never used gunpowder for military purposes.) Circa 1008-1020AD: Japanese court lady Murasaki Shikibu writes the famous novel, Tale of Genji.

Olaf Trygvasson dies following his defeat by Sweyn Forkbeard.

(From Tom Holland, Millennium: The End of the World and the Forging of Christendom.

This people used metal tools, then later came a second wave of invaders, a Mexicanized tribe called the Itza, who went all over the Mayan homelands.

And in 1224-1244AD they settled at new capitol, Chichen-Itza.

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