Radiometric dating age ranges

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Lots of variety is on display, even at times enough to lead to a new species. Cats are cats and dogs are dogs and always have been so.

These deposits are preserved in Hong Kong as marble beneath Yuen Long.

Both appear to have been suddenly created to live in similar environments, breathe the same air, eat the same foods, drink the same water, and survive through circulation of similar blood. But cats when they reproduce yield kittens, and reproducing dogs have puppies.

They did not originate by mutations in a different type of common ancestor, nor did one come from the other. Basic Types Show Stasis Once a basic type appeared, it demonstrated stasis.

From the very first time a fossil type appears (i.e., the lowest stratigraphic interval in which it's found), it shows all the design features which make it special.

Evolution necessitates the gradual accumulation of body parts through random mutation and amalgamation of previous parts with different functions into a new whole.

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