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For most of his childhood it was just his mom, Lori, busting her ass to take care of Reggy and his sister Sue. I mean, it is true but really, deep down, I wanted him. I think what finally convinced him was when I said that he couldn't get me pregnant so it didn't matter if we had sex or not." "Wait. He came to where I was staying to make sure that I wasn't homeless or anything. That was our last time together and that's when you were conceived. But he'd made a point of also giving her those cards. Then there were all those times when Laura had wanted Sue to come over for a sleep over or for dinner or just to hang out and her uncle had been against it. But Uncle Clark had never once done anything that a father should do for her. And that was really all the proof that Sue needed to know that what her mother had said was true.

Social services had wanted his mother to name their father when they'd each been born and because she wouldn't she was ineligible for any government assistance. I mean, why would I ever want to date or have sex with any of the little sissies who went to high school with me when I had a real man at home." "Ok, I guess. I kept you a secret from all of them at first because I didn't want to have to hear them ask me to kill my baby again. There was always some creative excuse and he tried to make sure that everyone understood that Sue would theoretically be welcome. The only time she'd ever had dinner at their house was when Laura invited Reggy over and her brother asked Sue to accompany him. She had been scrolling through the pictures but rested on one where they were at an amusement park as a family.

She had told Reggy that she would tolerate it because family is family. " "There's no side, Reg." "How the hell do you have sex with your own father? he's amazing." "Yeah, so amazing that I've never even met the asshole." "Well, he was against having any more children and then when my mom found out what we were doing ..." "I don't care! Sue sat on the sofa next to her mother and almost instantly she felt like she wanted to curl up next to her.

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Reggy heard the words and although he was perfectly capable of understanding each word, somehow the overall meaning of the sentence was beyond his grasp. He'd never met his father or any of this grandparents. I mean, I could tell you that it was all about my mother not meeting his needs anymore or that I wanted to keep my parents from getting divorce but really, none of that is true. But then once he started he went from sucking my nipples to fucking me lightning fast. But then he proposed to Stacy and my parents got involved with planning the wedding and it was everyone against just me so I had to leave. In fact they sort of threatened to have me arrested if I even showed up." "That's awful." "But I did see Clark about a week after the honeymoon. So you understand why I was willing to let your uncle back into our lives." "He's my father. Sue never really considered it before since she always just assumed the gifts she'd gotten from her aunt were also from her uncle.

" Even as he was inquiring as to the seriousness of what he'd been told, his mind was starting to put together the sequence of events. I mean, after I got pregnant there was a lot of yelling but my brother didn't know about any of it. " "Well, he understood after that but it took a few more days before he'd let me do that again and it was a week before he was comfortable enough to do things to me. " "He tried that at first but by then we'd been sexual with each other so much that just having me near meant we were going to have sex. They were always generic greeting cards that he couldn't even be bothered to sign.

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