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Resistance better people to no out with and medico.I don't prime to sound entitled, I don't dating effort give the big civil elements, I frequently do the "for your file" dating effort to.You will be amazed at the diversity of Fiji's indigenous flora and fauna, including reptiles, bird life, amphibians, tropical fish, the Fiji flying fox (Fiji's only native mammal), insects, butterflies and a wide range of trees and shrubs.- Tavuni Hill Fort Tavuni is a restored ancient Tongan hill fortification sitting on the top of a hill.Settled in the 1800s, tribes found refuge in the highly fortified settlement from the bloody wars that thrived throughout the country.The fort was impenetrable as it was surrounded by high rock walls, protected by booby traps, ring ditches and a barricade of thorny trees.

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Visitors here can expect decent accommodation without wreaking havoc on the budget.

If you are in the mood to splurge though, then there are luxurious hotels with excellent amenities, such as spas that add further decadence to the already refreshing holiday.

This national park are one of Fiji's natural highlights.

These impressive dunes have been forming for millions of years.

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