Evil e online dating profile myspace

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Rand recently talked about how twitters of a URL may help them rank for QDF-style queries.Certainly QDF is one area of SEO that a lot of people overlook. If your join date is 2 years ago or your last login date was over a month ago then chances are you're not interested. I also think that some of the ranking algorithms at sites like OKCupid favour fresh profiles over stale ones. Is your content team set up to publish content fast?!Kind of like Google Apps only stupidly easy to use.

There was a scary email conversation between distilled and SEOmoz staff following a Q&A where we discussed how to find the individual behind a social media profile.

4) Stay Fresh The idea that having "fresh content" would help you rank was one of the myths Rand recently addressed and I certainly don't think it carries much weight.

That said, for fresh queries, fresh data is essential.

2) Be Efficient Effective SEOs are efficient people (and efficient people are also effective SEOs I imagine? Rand wrote a fantastic post on using outsourcing to get things done which highlights the different tasks that you might be able to outsource and Will wrote a fantastic post on automating tasks (with a followup cheatsheet full of APIs). Write an "opening message" - full of humour and intelligence and wit (outsource this if you find it hard) which you can use to woo potential suitors.

Anytime you find yourself doing the same task over and over again you should really stop and think about how you can do it more effectively. Online dating is a long slow process (at least for guys) and you'll need to message lots and lots of people in order to get dates (at least if you're as ugly as I am) so take the pain out of this process by automating the opening email.

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