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Those images, which Walgren said were sent to him by others, were among contents downloaded by Naperville police.The officer told Walgren the video 'concerned child pornography, which is obviously illegal,' Walgren nodded.His mother was at the school after 3pm when she was told that a person who was injured downtown might be her son. Less than three hours had passed since her son was summoned to the dean's office.As Heun drove her to a hospital, Maureen Walgren, a nurse and married mother-of-three, asked about photos of the injured person sent to Heun's phone. When sexual images are shared and discovered, school officials are not in complete agreement about best practices for responding, but there is consensus that a student's cellphone should immediately be confiscated and police alerted.

The family's attorney contends a recording with no visible images of sex acts cannot qualify as child pornography. Either way, critics say, child pornography laws should not be invoked to prosecute kids who share sexual images with other kids.

The Walgrens never blamed the girl and said she was right to report the video, Ekl said. Facing discipline at school was a new experience for Walgren.

As he walked into the office at about 12.40pm, Dean Steve Madden said he had never seen Walgren under these circumstances because the teen had never been in trouble, according to the documents.

In police reports, court filings, witness accounts, emails and other documents obtained by the Associated Press, officials at the 2,800-student school in an upper middle-class suburb west of Chicago say they conveyed to Walgren the seriousness of the matter while also reassuring him that their goal was to keep it out of court.

Walgren was brought into the dean's office at Naperville North High School in Illinois (pictured) and questioned about a recording he had made of himself having a consensual sexual encounter with a female classmate The case began unfolding at around noon on January 11 after the 16-year-old girl with whom Walgren had sex went to school officials to make a complaint about him.

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