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Emerging data trends suggest that players may achieve guts in slightly different ways.Discrepancies have emerged as to exactly when a player reaches 100% effectiveness on a particular task, and other differences are emerging.Welcome to Dead Awaken, the online game set in a post zombie outbreak world.Fight against players from all over the world in this massive multiplayer online game.

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You play as a character in a post zombie infestation world against players all over the world.After the flashlight has been obtained, the caretaker/bum's missions will offer prizes of either cash or food (which, consumed, will give more stamina up to the maximum of 20).Success in the graveyard is determined by many factors.Every task which is successfully completed, regardless of task difficulty, earns a player 1 guts in addition to the monetary reward given by Yuri the Russian midget.Subway tasks run from (human perspective) rallying the living by spray painting "Die zombies die!

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