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The goal of the Lex Lin Foundation is to breed quality purebred gypsy vanners and to connect them with therapy centers throughout the country.

This is a photograph that you're looking at of Bosnian refugees, survivors of ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, who have just stepped off the bus into the [? But it was actually here, in the refugee camps in Croatia, that I learned what it really means to create hope. ] an Army sergeant was serving in Iraq when her convoy was hit by an improvised explosive device. And it was through service in the camp that they started to rebuild their lives. So one of the essential lessons that we use now in the work that we do with wounded and disabled veterans-- we have to help people who have lived through tragedy. And for all of us here who are pursuing higher education for a higher purpose, we know that we have the potential to be of service ourselves and to inspire others to be of service in our communities. We know in all of our communities how difficult it is to provide a quality education for our children. I'll share just a couple of other quick stories with you. DAWN WHITE: Eric does have some sort of superhuman ability when it comes to seeing an idea and really having it come to fruition. ERIC BARTON: Making a positive social change in our community linked extremely well with Walden's mission statement. And if it's just in one person's life, that's enough.So if we're fortune to make a greater difference in a number of people's lives, that's even better.

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