Access denied when updating drivers

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I cannot install them through pnputil because I don’t have drivers.

As I already asked, I need a way to tell windows to install driver(s) automatically like in GUI version: right-click on device and It would be nice if that can be done for all uninstalled drivers, but I would satisfy with one by one solution.

It would be too much for the little Device Manager GUI to handle all this remotely.

All you can do is to check for Windows updates on a console and hope that some driver updates are available.

My current situation is: I have 131 uninstalled driver on each of my core server.

Check the following link (section 1.3) let us know about your experience here.

Thank you, Karim What exactly do you mean by Try configuring windows?

Do not rerun Installer until someone replies to post. I've tried updated the drivers with the ones mentioned in step 3 but ADB device doesn't list a device. Originally Posted by rking38 Is there a discussion or a fix for installing the ADB drivers for sideload using windows 10?

- If you do not get an error, please post and say so and tell what type of Win 10 you have (home, pro, enterprise, etc.) Thanks! You may see a USB debugging message on tablet, tap "Always" and "Allow." Even if you don't see message, Windows should try to install generic MTP drivers (not ADB! I'm not sure if Windows 10 is the issue, but instead of getting KFARWI in device manager, I get MT65xx android device.

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